Alien Species

The Wompats are small non-sapient mammalianoids presumably native to planet Cardassia Prime. Their external appearance is virtually identical to that of an Earth ferret and they are sometimes kept as pets by Cardassian children. Gul Madred once told his daughter to be careful with her pet Wompat, because now that it was separated from its mother, it depended on her to take care of it. This statement implies that Wompats take care of their young like Earth mammals and are largely dependent on their parents, at least for some time.

As with many other Cardassian lifeforms, it is currently unknown what became of Wompats after the heavy bombardment of Cardassia Prime by the Breen and the Dominion, after Cardassians decided to change sides on the war. It is highly unlikely that they became extinct, though, since they are domesticated and known to be kept as pets, it is very likely that at least some Wompats were found offworld at the time of Cardassia's devastation.

Behind the scenes[]

The Wompat was played by a real ferret in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Chain of Command, Part II".