Alien Species
Universe Star Wars Universe
Homeworld Unknown Regions (presumed)
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence Non-sapient

Wolvkils are a feral species utilized by the Vagaari in 22 ABY (22 years after the Battle of Yavin) during the latter's attempt to obliterate the remnants of the Outbound Flight.


They have a long-snouted head and clawed forepaws. Two aspects of the Wolvkil make them particularly dangerous: one is their remarkable speed that is allows it to make quick kills; the second is their natural resilience and powerfully-enduring bodies which are capable of shrugging off as much as a blaster shot straight to the head itself, and also being capable of withstanding direct hits from a Chiss charric.

This latter ability was related to the species' decentralized organs and nervous system, with it being distributed throughout their entire bodies. This prevented them from being fatally wounded by ordinary means, allowing them the significantly increased chance to shred their prey. The only quick and efficient way of killing them was to either destroy the entire body in an explosive or acidic compound or by cutting them in half with melee weapons as strong as a lightsaber, which presumably created a burning chain reaction throughout their body due to the heat the weapon would have produced.

Vagaari Use[]

For the Vagaari to use them properly, the wolvkils were placed into stasis so that they could be worn over the shoulders of a Vagaari warrior, to make it appear as nothing more than a pelt. These nasty beasts were fitted with elaborate blue-and-gold collars around their necks which was capable of putting them into stasis as well as bringing them back out.