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"Its nothing personal... you're food I eat."

A Wolaxian Arachnid is a dangerous predator native to the Tormented Space region of the Farscape Universe.


The Wolaxian Arachnid is capable of assuming a Sebacean form, usually that of a helpless young woman, in order to lure in prey.

In its true form, it is a large golden brown spider like creature with many limbs. Its face is dominated by two large cat-like eyes and a pair of large feelers covering its mouth. The creature also possesses a suction pad under its pincers which it uses to drain its prey of their neural energy.


  • Shapeshifting: The arachnid is capable of shifting between its true form and a harmless-seeming false form in order to lure in prey.
  • Sonic Scream: To immobilize prey, the creature is capable of releasing a powerful shriek that knocks its victims out.
  • Neural alteration: The creature's touch exaggerates a victim's neural functions, enhancing their strongest personality trait. At the height of infection, the creature drains the neural energy from the victim to feed on later.
  • Enhanced Speed: The creature is very fast and agile, able to cover ground on Moya at blistering speed.
  • Wall Crawling: Being a spider, the Wolaxian Arachnid can climb walls and cling to surfaces in both its natural form and its disguise.


Wolaxian arachnids feed on the neural energy of other lifeforms by exaggerating the neural functions through physical contact and then harvesting the neural energy from the victim. The neural energy is then stored in special orbs which the creature hides in a nest for later consumption.

Preventative Measures[]

Without their recently taken Neural energy, a victim has only a few hours left to live. It is discovered the only known cure is to find the nest and break the orbs in close proximity to the victim. This will allow re-assimilation of the stolen energy and complete recovery.