Alien Species

The Wol Cabasshites are a race of long-lived, immobile slugs evolved from a parasitical species of plasma leeches that are native to the planet Wol Cabassh. They have short, round bodies with long tongues used to snare their prey. Despite their relation to the plasma leech, Wol Cabasshites developed an astonishing level of intelligence over their history, a fact which is often overlooked because of their appearance.

The body of a Wol Cabbashite is almost entirely stomach, and they have two distinct brains. One brain handles digestion, while the other is used for thought and cognition. Their diet is made up of plasma-rich sources, many of which are also high in metallic content. This results in a high content of metals in their bloodstream and body tissue, creating a magnetic field in the vicinity of their bodies. This magnetic field serves as the primary communication medium for the Wol Cabasshites, who can manipulate the field with their tongues and internal muscles to form concepts and patterns. Because the Wol Cabasshites use magnetic energy to communicate, other races are able to create devices to talk to them. These devices can also be used to convert Wol Cabasshite speech into text, and philosophers discovered a treasure trove of information when prominent members of the species finally copied down their thoughts and memories. Often, however, these texts were almost indecipherable, following the complex thought patterns of ancient individuals.

Their body form allows the Wol Cabasshite to exist in both atmosphere and vacuum, and they can tolerate extremes in temperature. When it comes time to reproduce, individuals exchange genetic material while grooming each other's tongues. This material is stored in the lining of the stomach, which is later disgorged to become the pupal offspring.