Witch of Arbor
General Information
Other Names Witch of Arbor
Homeworld Arbor
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stan Lee

The Witches also known at Witches of Arbor are an alien race from the Civilization in the Stan Lee.

Biology Edit

The Witches are green humanoids, all seem to be females, with long tentacles cascading down their heads.

History Edit

The Witches were persecuted during the time of Bin Ydict's rule. They eventually joined alongside the other minority races and overthrew the humans and House of Bin. The Witches later became one of the members of the Ruling Council of the Civilization.

Culture Edit

The Witches live in temples of their homeworld, and focus their attentions on learning to harness the fundamental forces of the universe through nothing but thier own willpower.

Appearances Edit

  • Starborn Issue 001 (2010)
  • Starborn Issue 003 (2011)
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