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Wirewolf is a cybernetic monstrosity and the result of a freak accident combining the bite of an energy Vampire and the radiation of the Canis Lunis Moon. He is Tyler's pet.


Wirewolves resemble a robotic werewolf and is primarily colored silver and blue with glowing red eyes.


  • Energy draining: Wirewolf can drain the electrical energy out of any machine it comes in physical contact with.
  • Enhanced Strength: The creature can lift Booster with ease and brake through metal doors with little effort.
  • Enhanced Speed: Wire is extremely fast.


Initially nothing more than a mindless beast; Wirewolf was extremely aggressive attacking any robot it could find and ripping them to shreds. However has the change became more frequent Wirewolf started absorbing some of Ty's skills allowing it a level of cunning and skill in battle. It also absorbed Ty's buried anger and resentment over Buzz constantly saving them and tried to act on that anger with murderous intent.


Wirewolf came into existence when Space Ranger Ty Parsec was accidentally bitten by the energy vampire NOS 4A2 during a fight. While the bite would have normally been harmless to a non robot, Ty's suit had been damaged by the fight exposing him to the atmosphere and the radiation of the Canis Lunis moon. The radiation of the moon combined with the bite resulted in simple terms a form of fast acting cyber lycanthropy.

It wasn't long before the mutation showed it self with Ty transforming that very night under the light the moon into the Wirewolf and tearing a station robot to shreds before reverting to normal when the moon became obscured leaving Ty with no memory of what happened and Buzz and the others assuming the energy vampire had lossed something of creature on the planet to finish them off.

Has they tried to catch the beast Ty's transformations became more frequent due to constant exposure to the moon and it wasn't long before Ty realized there was something wrong with himself and he tried to get the others to leave the planet. Buzz however wanted to save his friend again but this statement only angered Ty who was tired of being constantly save and made a fool of by Buzz each time. This anger combined with the transformation gave Wirewolf murderous focus and in a guttural voice it declared its intent to kill Buzz.

Realizing Wirewolf could not exist without the moon, Buzz ordered the team to destroy the moon by raming their starship through it while he distracted Wirewolf. Unfortunately Wirewolf was starting to show some of Ty's combat skills and managed to ensnare Buzz in some cables when the ranger made the mistake of assuming he was little more than a mindless beast. Has the monster began to drain Buzz's suit Buzz made one last plea to his friend's consciousness saying he needed to save him this time, bring Ty's mind momentarily to the surface before the team destroyed the moon ending the threat.