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General Information
Homeworld Windermere
Height 1.5 - 1.9 meters
Weight 50 to 90 kg
Skin colors Pinkish
Lifespan 30 years
Sapience level Sapient
Species origin Macross Delta
Behind the Scenes
Universe Macross

Windermereans are a race that inhabits the Windermere IV planet in the Windermere System. The planet governing body is the Windermere Kingdom.

Like humankind and the Zentraedi, Windermereans are descendants of Protoculture, and hence known as the Children of Protoculture.

Biology Edit

The species is similar to Humans with a stronger body and greater biological abilities. Their abilities surpass the Zentradi. However, the price is early growth in a short-lifespan, with the average life-span about 30-35 years. They do not age much until their later years when their skin cracks, gradually decaying like a withering plant. They have a special sensory organ called a "Rune" on their head. when they reach the age of 30 they begin to crystallize after that they're bodies shatter like glass

Technology Edit

  • Sv-262 Draken III
  • Sv-154 Svärd
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