The Wild Humans are a race of free people opposing the enslavement of their race. They are based in a place known asHaafin or as it originally was called at its formation the Haven.

History Edit

When the Hussirs captured and enslaved the first dozen human settlers to their world, three managed to escape to the mountains becoming the first Wild Humans.

There in relative safety they formed the Haven which over the generations was distorted to Haafin, a traveling community of Wild Humans that liberated humans from the homesteads of the Hussirs.

The Haafin managed to recruit a fifteen year old boy name Alan to their cause after leading him from a Hussir ranch. After a year of his induction, he led a an assault of five hundred Wild Humans to attack Falklyn, wearing the sacred Silk that would bring deliverance to the humans once it entered the Star Tower.

Their attack failed as the Hussirs launched a counterattack once they passed through the gates. When news of the Wild Humans spread through the city, the Wild Humans enslaved brethren chose to continue following their masters. In order to escape capture and worse death, Alan ordered the Wild Humans to strip their clothes and hide in the crowd of naked slaves and make their way out of the city to the mountains.

Alan and a Wild Human girl Mara were separated from the Wild Humans, during the confusion. The pair fell into the home of a Hussir who threatened them at spear point, believing them to be Wild Humans. Alan quickly feigned submission explaining they were a breeding pair belonging to a merchant.

They two attempted to return back to Haafin, but came before the Star Tower instead. Seeing an opportunity, Alan chose to enter the Star Tower, after successfully overwhelming the guards, he and Mara entered and sealed the Star Tower. The vessel was revealed to be a rocketship which they reactivating following an ancient human lullaby which were disguised as instructions of how to relaunch the vessel back to Earth.

It is unknown what happened to the Wild Humans that came to attack Falklyn, its possible many were captured attempting to escape the city, but due to Alan and his partner Mara successful infiltrating the Star Tower, attracting the attentions of majority of the Hussir guards to its location, its possible that majority escaped back to the mountains with the plans for human freedom accomplished.

Culture Edit

Compared to the human slaves in the towns and farms of the Hussirs, the Wild Humans of Haafin were more culturally sophisticated. Freedom was one of the core values of the community, believing that humans were just as intelligent as Hussirs. They engaged in limited agriculture, hunting, and tool making to show they were just as technologically capable as their alien masters. They lost none of their history and knew the origins of humans as far as they knew came from the Star Tower and their birthright. Due to the threat they posse Hussirs hunt to kill them rather than capture them at the risk of causing a rebellion among their livestock.

Clothing Edit

They were not as apprehensive of wearing clothes, unlike their enslaved brethren who saw it as unnatural and sacrilegious. The men and women of Haafin usually wore open jackets and baggy trousers to cover their nudity, marking themselves as civilized beings rather than beasts. While the clothing were originally made for Hussirs, and it made moving through the heavy underbrush of the forests hard, it enabled the Wild Humans to easily slip out of them and blend as stray slaves.

Marriage Edit

Another stark contrast to the slaves in the pens of the Hussirs, is that the Wild Humans practice monogamy. Mates can not be taken from one another without the spouse's consent.

Recruitment Edit

The numbers of Haafin were small, only numbering at most five hundred. They faced resistance from the Hussirs and even the domesticated humans. To counter the threat of a human rebellion the Hussir master told their slaves that the Wild Humans were savages and cannibals. Thus the Humans that lived in the Hussir herds were unwilling to leave the safety of their masters pen in fear of the lies they were told. When the Wild Humans attempted to personally recruit the entrapped Humans in the pens, the slaves would raise a clamor summoning their masters and capturing the Wild Human recruiters.

Thus the Haafin resorted sending their messages of freedom to the slaves through zirds, parrot like creatures to seduce slaves to climb the fences of the homesteads and meet them in the forests.

Leadership Edit

The community is led by the eldest among them called The Refugee. When a slave is recruited they are given a probationary period of one year until they are official accepted. Once the year has passed, they are allowed to see the leader of the Haafin and Wild Humans, The Refugee. There the new initiate is allowed to voice his opinion on the Haafin community and add ideas on how to free their fellow humans.

Appearance Edit

  • The Silk and the Song by Charles L. Fontenay
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