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White Martians are a predatory white-skinned humanoid/reptilian race native to the planet Mars. They are the natural enemies of the Green Martians. Eons ago, they once dominated Earth. However the last of the Green Martians, J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) was able to banish them to the inter-dimensional Still Zone.


Unlike their Green Martian kin, White Martians are humanoid/reptilian with a serpentine tongue and a scaled tail with a deadly talon at the end. They have glowing red eyes and a second, large mouth on their stomach. They have reptilian feet, three talons for fingers, and bony spikes running down their back and onto their tail. They have other traits depending on what caste they descend from.


White Martians are bred into castes. These castes, over time, have evolved to become entirely different races existing within one species because of the different powers, skills, and traits within each individual caste.

Protex: These White Martians have evolved so much to the extent that they possess the same powers as Kryptonians in addition to their own.

Primaid: A fierce all-female caste of warrior woman.

Zum: These Martian possess superhuman speed far superior to that of both their green kin and Kryptonians; able propel themselves at unlimited speeds.

Zenturion: Fierce shield-carrying soldiers.

Flexus: These powerhouses have a rocky armor and possess superhuman endurance.

Armek: These juggernauts have a thick armored skin granting them invulnerability and unlimited superhuman strength.

Tronix: These beasts have a devastating Martian vision gaze.

A-Mortal: These mysterious wraiths are fearsome beasts.

Powers and abilities[]

All White Martians have superhuman strength on par with that of Kryptonians, flight, telepathy, invulnerability, shapeshifting, telekinesis, superhuman speed, stamina, and vision powers. They have other abilities determined by their breeding caste.


Fire: They share their green kin's genetic and mental weakness to fire and intense heat, which leaves them powerless.

Notable members[]

  • Zenturion (supervillain)
  • M'ggan M'orzz (disguised as a Green Martian)