White Darshanide Troll
White Darshanide Troll
General Information
Homeworld Troy
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

The White Darshanide Troll is a subspecies of trolls from the planet Troy. These trolls inhabit the land of Darshan.

Biology Edit

White Darshanide Trolls are primate like beings similar to their cousins from Eckmül. However these trolls possess black and white fur. They are also smaller and far more aggressive.

Culture Edit

The White Darshan Trolls are tribal and aggressive. These trolls have a religion worshipping Swoog the God of Trolls. The Darshanides use them as labors however they usually pray to Swoog to placate the trolls from causing violence and damage.

In Darshanide culture compared to other trolls they are quite sophisticated, possessing a structure religion and arts.

The trolls respect courageous fighter and to them its a matter of honor. For their arts, they practice ikeabana using severed human arms and legs. Thei culinary arts are a mixture of macabre dishes with human corpses like, Rolled Peasant, and Future Cookies containing entrails that tell their future. The Tronlzes, are servants of Swoog and regarded as warrior monks. The trolls are strong believers in Swoog even sacrificing their own children to their god.

Appearances Edit

  • Lanfeust de Troy, Tome 5 : Le frisson de l'haruspice
  • Trolls de Troy #9 - Les prisonniers du Darshan (I) (2006) 
  • Trolls de Troy #10 - Les enragés du Darshan (II) (2007)
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