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The Wersgorix (singular: Wersgor) are a race of extraterrestrials who once attempted to take over the Earth by testing the feasibility of its settlement during the year 1345 AD. After centuries of space travel, they have become lazy in defense. Having become accustomed to taking planets easily with little or no resistance from natives, they were easily defeated by mankind under the command of Sir Roger, Baron de Tourneville. They were defeated thanks to hand-to-hand combat having become obsolete due to their advanced technologies. In the end, the Wersgorix Empire was overthrown by the medieval Humans with the help of the Jairs, Ashenkoghli, Pr?*tans, and a number of Wersgor sympathizers.


Wersgorix are 5 ft tall bipeds (1.524 meters) with hairless blue skin. They have a short thick tail, a blunt snout on their faces, long pointed ears and narrow amber-colored eyes.

Having evolved in a planet with a denser atmosphere than Earth, Wersgor hearing isn't as well-developed as Human hearing.

Culture and society[]

In the year 1345, the Wersgor Empire consisted of about a hundred star systems. However, each Wersgor planet is home to no more than a few millions, with plenty of living space and no cities, save for those in their capital world of Wersgorixan.

Wersgorix rarely perform menial work. Instead, they delegate work to enslaved species or automata. They have no concept of political hierarchy, and therefore, all subjects are directly subservient to the Emperor, without intermediary levels of authority such as nobility. The closest they have to local authority are sheriffs, who keep order in colonies and collect taxes.

After their defeat at the hands of the Englishmen, many Wersgorix adopted Christianity as their religion and even became priests, while others remained secular.

Notable members[]

  • Branithar
  • Huruga


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