The Wekkarus are a sapient bipedal octopoid that come from the system Wekkar.

Like the Ackdarian, the Wekkarus evolved in the deep and cold crevices of their home planet. It is unknown


how they became bipedal as their home world has one dominant ocean with little islands that rarely dot the planet. Despite their dependence of water the Wekkarus can go without water for long periods of time but still prefer damp and moist habitats. The Wekkarus are vaguely humanoid and due to their poor stature they all have humps in their backs. Their bodies are assisted with an exoskeleton to improve this but not by much. the Wekkaran eyes are situated on stalks and their beaked mouths were surrounded by small prehensile tentacles.

Almost everything they constructed from cities to certain spaceships are built underwater. Their underwater cities are connected by vast artificial tunnels surrounding their homeworld and colony ocean worlds. These cities and their underwater technology are apparently more advance than any other known species including the Ackdarians. They share their homeworld's waters with an abundance of marine life most of them being passive others being very dangerous. The Giant carnivorous whale-like Darkhul is one such dangerous creatures, capable of growing more than 100 meters. These creatures can even threaten starships if not careful. The Wekkarus have develop powerful force-fields to repel against the Darkhul and hostile alien attacks.

Wekkarus were and maybe still a generally peaceful species that kept to themselves before the first Shakturi War. Relatively open to trade,though limited, they mostly traded with the humans and the Zenox which they had an affinity for. When Shakturi and the Axis declared war on the none-insectoids many of the alliance including the Shakturi themselves were hesitant to attack the Wekkarus. Not just because of their apparent advance shield strength but because they some bear striking resemblance to insectoids. When the Wekkarus first learned of the horrors in the first attacks against the Securans and the dreadful Attukian plague they adopted a hard-line isolationist stance and effectively removed their race from the affairs of the galaxy. The species evolved in small nebular full life bearing stars that formed a little ways outside of the galaxy so it was relatively easy to stay isolated. While the Axis quarreled over how to deal with the Wekkarus, one of the members known as the Boskara, decided to take matters in their own hands. The Boskara sent wave after wave of their fleets to whittle down the Wekkarus defenses. They wanted to draw the Wekkarus fleets into an all out battle to hit them in one fell swoop. They destroyed mining stations and refueling posts to draw the Wekkarus wrath. When the Wekkarus finally responded seriously to the Boskaran threat the Boskara were already ready and waiting. The Wekkarus, learning about an imminent Boskaran invasion of one their outer colony worlds, sent the bulk of their forces to the colony as show of strength and a intolerance of any attack. This however was what the Boskara wanted. When the Boskara finally showed up they out numbered the Wekkarus fleet 5 to 1. Once the battle commenced the Boskara reign victorious thus destroying much of the Wekkarus fleet. As the Boskara invaded system after system they encountered a pathetic resistance against what remained of the Wekkarus fleet. With morale broken and civil unrest ensuing the Wekkarus made a feeble attempt to protect their homeworld. All attempts failed but it held up the Boskara long enough for the Freedom Alliance to create the virus thus destroying the axis from within. It is currently unknown if the Wekkarus survived the Age of Shadows but if they did the Shakturi ,like the Boskara, will most likely find it difficult to destroy them.

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