The Weatherheads are a race of alien robots who can control the weather.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Weatherheads are generally robotic in appearance and resemble business people with skull-shaped heads, colored ties, and orange eyes.

Male Weatherheads come in three known sizes: tall and lanky (with thin yet long skulls), short and fat (with short yet wide skulls), and in-between. They have black armor and orange eyes.

Female Weatherheads are tall and lanky with white armor, a more feminine-shaped skull and body, rounder teeth, shoulder plates, slicker limbs, red eyes, and shoe-shaped feet.

Powers and abilities Edit

Weatherheads can cause torrents of water to fall from the sky and unleash streams of water from their eyes or hands. They also possess cryokinesis, being able fire shards of ice like a machine gun.

Weatherheads can create storm clouds and unleash powerful bolts of electricity that are powerful enough to harm Tetramands and overcharge machines to the point of exploding.

Weatherheads can attack others with powerful gusts of air and trap them within tornadoes.

Weatherheads can fire heat beams from their eyes and lasers that are hot enough to melt metal.

Weatherheads are able to fly, blasting water, electricity, and/or wind behind or below them to increase their speed.

Weatherheads can recharge themselves by absorbing negative emotions, though some can instead use solar power.

Weaknesses Edit

Weatherheads' denial of their own emotions can easily be exploited by enemies. In the event that Weatherheads perform acts that generate positive emotions, they will malfunction and shut down.

Weatherheads are unable to push Ekoplektoids with their wind blasts because of their clones' increasing mass and density.

A Weatherhead's electric attacks are useless against Petrosapiens, and can also harm themselves.

A Weatherhead's lasers do not affect Omni-Kix Vaxasaurians because of the Omni-Kix armor increasing their natural durability.

Culture and society Edit

Behavior Edit

Weatherheads have a tendency to remark that they have no emotions, yet it is clear that they are programmed to have them, as seen with a "on/off" button for their emotions. When their emotions are turned on, each of them gain far more distinctive personalities.

  • Hail-O becomes moody, cynical, whiny, and depressed, as he is prone to crying fits and talking about everyone's insignificance in the universe.
  • Shock-O becomes vain and haughty, being fond of condescendingly mocking opponents and ad hominem.
  • Gust-O becomes full of rage and prone to trash talk, as he is instantly losing his temper and lashing out at the target of his frustration.

However, Weatherheads share a fear of failing their superior officer. High-ranking Weatherheads do not take nonsense or any excuses from their underlings. Despite that, they acknowledge that lower-level Weatherheads have their uses.

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