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The Watchers, as many species came to call them, are a race of semi-immortal humanoids hailing from a planet only known as Planet T-37X. They are considered the oldest species in the known universe as they were given sapience in the early days of the universe by the Celestials. This claim, however, is up to debate as another species known as the Builders were also sapient during this time.

Biology Edit

Watchers resembles humans from Earth, but with vastly overgrown proportions to their heads. This due to their brains being as large as they are. Both genders are hairless and their eyes are blank and yellow. They are extremely intelligent and are known to use advanced forms of psychic abilities.

Culture Edit

Watcher culture is virtually unknown as they do not engage in affairs of other races. They do, however, have strict non interference policy towards other species, preferring to watch rather than interfere with other species. Despite this, they have, in the past, involved themselves with humanity on separate occasions.

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