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The Watchers are an alien species that features in Dark Void.


This race arrived on the planet Earth several thousand years ago, where they managed to enslave the human species. Their domination of mankind led to them forcing their slaves to build magnificent temples in their honour, such as the Pyramids of Giza, and they were worshiped as gods.

In this era, a group of humans known as the Adepts formed who rose up and rebelled against the Watchers. Over many years of fighting, the Adepts managed to overcome the Watchers and banished them into another dimension known as the Void. In the aftermath, the Watchers attempted to find a means of returning to Earth and restore their civilization. They discovered a means of finding a means out of the Void whereupon they plotted their return to the world. These machinations led to the Watchers secretly assisting the Fascists such as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito. They actively and covertly attempted to drive mankind to World War II with a great conspiracy being used to accomplish this means. The Watcher Elders thus secretly manipulated humanity for centuries by using their shapeshifting abilities in order to bring about their return. Thus, they used their talents to replace world leaders and government officials of various countries conquered by the Fascists whereupon they attempted to take over the governments of the Earth to bring about their eventual rise to power.


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