Warrior Ing, as the name implies, are Ing drones that serve as basic infantry. Although they prefer to possess other creatures and machines as Darklings, the Warrior Ing are not afraid to face invaders that threaten their homeworld (or anything that happens to wander into Dark Aether).

Warrior Ing have jet-black bodies, five stilt-like legs that end in razor-sharp claws, a cluster of glowing eyes colored in every shade between red and yellow, and long flowing cords like hair. They move in a galloping gait and are capable of scaling walls and leaping across great distances, though their preferred method of travel is to melt into an amorphous slime to crawl across the ground and up walls.

Warriors attack by projecting dimensional energy beams and slashing with their bladelike claws. They can also attempt to possess an enemy by leaping onto said enemy, transforming into a Darkling in midjump and binding to the target, though this can be warded off by Safe Zones or a Power Suit. Like all Ing, they are weak to Light Energy.

There were also two Darkling Guardians, both possessing one of Samus's Suit Modules, that had taken the form of Warrior Ing, but their performance in battle was vastly superior to the Warrior.

Jump GuardianEdit

This was the first of the Guardians fought, who possessed Samus' Space Jump Boots. The stolen module gave the Ing enhanced jumping abilities and an attack that allowed it to create shockwaves with a Space Jump. It had the same appearance as the Warrior Ing, except that its skin was dark purple, its cords were like porcupine needles, a horn extended from above its eyes and its body was much slimmer.

Boost GuardianEdit

The Boost Guardian had stolen Samus' Boost Ball module, and had used it to great success in the battle between them. The stolen module had imparted the ability to become a Morph Ball and use the Boost Ball's charge attack. It had used the base abilities of the Warrior Ing, along with the Boost Ball charge. It could also assume a slime form that was invulnerable to the Arm Cannon and could only by harmed by Morph Ball Bombs. Its appearance is nearly indistinguishable from the Jump Guardian.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)
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