Alien Species
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Universe Ultraman
Homeworld Unknown
Height 66 meters
Weight 50,000 tons
Diet Unknown
Sentient Sapient

Waroga is alien with unknown origin, classified as "vile space being" in Ultraman Cosmos.

Waroga is notable for its ability to transform into small energy orb and fly with high speed. It is capable of firing energy bolts in orb form. In physical form, Waroga can teleport at short distance and shooting energy shots from its arms. It's certain that Waroga posses some advance technology, capable of take control of creature by implanting bio-chip.

Aware of Human's xenophobic nature, Waroga plan to increase human's hostility toward monsters to the point of paranoia, believing that humans will destroy themselves in process. To carries out its plan, Waroga use a bio-chip to control a peaceful monster Galbas and send it against humanity. The similar bio-chip also embedded on earthling woman Reni Kurosaki, whose Waroga saved from satellite accident. Using Reni to takeover EYES taskforce's computers, prevent them from assisting Cosmos against Galbas. However, EYES eventually manage to disable the bio-chips. Enraged, Waroga appears and attack the fleeing Galbas but got itself killed by Ultraman Cosmos.

Cosmos later fight another Waroga who seek to get revenge for his kind. The second Waroga is much more straightforward than first one, it even make challenge signal to EYES before coming to Earth. Ultraman Cosmos manage to defat this Waroga after discover that its glowing "eyes" on face is Waroga's vulnerable spot.