General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Reyn Universe

The Wardens were an android workforce created by the humans before their exodus from Earth.

Design Edit

The Wardens originally served as a maintenance crew for the three ark ships: Fate, Destiny, and Hope. The Wardens were built with the top of the line electronics and servos, making them incredibly strong and durable. They were made to be more relateable to humans, possessing lab-cloned flesh externally and hair that grows. The Wardens can even absorb nutrients by digesting consumables.

History Edit

The Fate was damaged by an asteroid, causing it to be separated from the other two vessels. While the Wardens made repairs to the ark, the ship's AI detected the Venn raiders. Knowing that they would board the ship, the AI reprogrammed the Wardens for combat. The Venn and Wardens faced against each other, with the Venn on the receiving end as they were no match for the Wardens' superior abilities. However the Venn leader, M'Thall refusing to accept defeat self-destructed the Venn ship, critically damaging the Fate, and wiping out the Wardens.

After the environmental systems of the ship malfunction and eventually restored, most of the human inhabitants had forgotten their origins and regressed to a feudal society. The Venn menagerie of monsters that escaped unto the Fate before the Venn ship self-destructed, and along with other Earth mutated animals ran rampant on the ark. The AI managed to salvage one Warden and placed it into operation to protect the humans. However the humans seeing a fully advanced android slaughter the monster that attacked them, fled from him in fear. To reduce the culture shock the AI, made improvements to the android so that it would successfully assimilate into the medieval culture. The enhancements given to the android who would be called Reyn, was given emotions and the ability to think for himself, with a little subtle direction from the AI who was connected to his mind.

Culture Edit

Though the human denizens have lost their technology and the history if their ancestors, they kept the memory of the Wardens alive. The Wardens are remembered still as custodians, not as machines, but as a begone order of knights that fought for justice. The Venn hold the Wardens in disdain due to their part in slaughtering their brothers in the initial invasion of the Fate.

Source Edit

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