Warbeasts are Creatures created by the mugical arts of the Mipedian Tribe.

Biology Edit

Warbeasts come in a variety of forms and abilities. Though fundamentally are made of mugical essence and the four elements. They can only be called by Conjurors who are able to control these Creatures and dismiss them back into the ether.

History Edit

The Warbeasts were first envisioned by the first Conjurers that dreamed of creating powerful new beings that could protect the Mipedians and conquer their enemies. Using their mugic and the elemental forces they managed to succeed and called their creations Warbeasts. The Warbeasts proved to be incredibly powerful but were reckless and uncontrollable. When the Mipedian Royals realized that the Conjurers threatened the very existence of the Mipedians, the nobles then decided purge the Conjurers. Ages passed and the Warbeasts and conjurers were eventually forgotten.

One day, the Underworlders invaded Mipedian territory. Defeat of the tribe seemed inevitable, until a young Mipedian named Adomo who hid in a remote cavern stumbled upon the secrets of the Conjurers. Studying the Conjurer's research he was soon able to summon Warbeasts. Not only that, but unlike the Conjurers of old Adomo learned to control the Warbeasts. Using the Warbeasts he defeated the UnderWorlders and reclaimed his homeland.

Adomo eventually trained new a new generation of Conjurers, teaching them on how to tame their Warbeasts. But remembering how the Conjurers of old were regarded with suspicion and envy and eventually disposed of the Conjurer chose to live apart from their tribemates until they are needed once more. The conjurers were called upon during the M'arrillian Invasion with new Warbeats to assist with the elimination of the M'arrillian forces.

Appearances Edit

  • Chaotic: Beyond the Doors (2008)
  • Chaotic Season 2 Episode 11: War Beasts
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