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Wannya, who is also known as Baumiao, is an extraterrestrial shapeshifter who usually takes the form of a talking bipedal cat. He has been entrusted as a "pet-sitter" to look after the young alien Ruu.


In his cat form, Wannya has two ears, two round big eyes, a barely visible nose, "w"-shaped lips, two hands, two feet and a medium-sized tail. He is mostly white in color, with some dash of brown on his left ear, left foot and some parts of his tail. He has four long whiskers - two on the right and two on the left. Lastly, he wears no visible clothes but he has a tuxedo-like vest on his chest with a red bow tie.


Wannya as a fish

Although he can walk on the ground, Wannya can also fly using his tail as the propeller because in his planet of origin, most of them just fly around. Another of his capabilities is to transform himself into different things. He can transform himself into many Human figures but his usual forms are a blond man and red-haired man. Also, he can change into animals like a penguin or a gigantic fish, or even into inanimate objects.

As an alien, he is very particular when it comes to things, especially his shampoo. Once he uses a different kind of shampoo not from Planet Otto, he transforms involuntarily into different forms, including human, animals and objects.



Wannya and Ruu

Wannya and Ruu, the baby he is taking care of, are from the planet Otto, which is 12 billion light years away from Earth - this indicates that it is most likely along the leading edge of speculated galaxies ZB-BO45326, BDF-521, A1703 zD6, BDF-3299, GN-108036, or SXDF-NB1006-2.

One day, while outside their home, they came across a wormhole - a black colored gateway to another realm. They got sucked inside it and traveled through spacetime in Ruu's spaceship. They landed in a temple on Earth where Kanata and Miyu were staying. Unfortunately, because of the impact when they landed, the navigation system got damaged so they couldn't travel back to their planet. Wannya felt assured that they were going to be rescued because the ship's SOS beacon was active, but with their planet's technology, it could take a couple of years before their return.

Wannya calls himself a "sitter-pet", which is similar to a babysitter on Earth, but the only difference is that he is a pet that takes care of a baby. He also states that they are highly capable with certificates. He writes daily on his sitter diary where he accounts all the happenings that him and Ruu are experiencing.


  • UFO Baby (original: だぁ!だぁ!だぁ!), by Mika Kawamura (1998 - 2002)


  • His favorite food on Earth is dumplings.