General Information
Homeworld Kirawan
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Red Dog Universe

The Wani are a bipedal insectoid race native to the desert planet Kirawan.

Biology Edit

The Wani are wiry bipedal insects. They have long, thin insectoid wings. Their lower bodies consist of a grasshopper's abdomen and two insectoid legs. Their forearms are muscular, while most of their bodies are relatively skinny. Like most lifeforms on Kirawan, they do not require much water to survive. The are separated into two sexed, male and female. Their arms possess retractable spikes for defense.

History Edit


The Wani have been at odds with the Kira, another race that inhabited Kirawan. When the human colonists came to their world to establish a colony to mine Imperium, the Wani welcomed them and even assisted in the construction of the colony's Dome.

Culture Edit

For the most part the Wani seem to be peaceful a stark contrast to the Kira. They build their hives beneath the sand of Kirawan, the entrance to their homes opened through secret caves above ground.

Source Edit

  • Red Dog 003 (2017)
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