Alien Species

The Wandjina are celestial deities associated with rain, clouds and life. They're featured in the mythology of aboriginal cultures of Kimberley, Australia; such as the Wunambul, Ngarinyin and Wororra; and are well known for being depicted in rock paintings. The first Wandjina was called Idjair and lived in the Milky Way, as the Earth was created by his son, Wallungunder.

The Wandjina's distinctive and intriguing appearance as luminescent, pale-skinned, round-headed humanoids with large black eyes and almost no facial features is notably reminiscent of some traditional alien figures such as the Greys.


According to the Dreamtime folklore of the Kimberley region, the Wandjina are the original creators of the landscape and mankind. In the early days, many of their kind descended from the skies to teach and bring law to their creations, which they regarded as their children.

Since then, most of the Wandjina have left our material plan by painting their own images on cave walls and disappearing into the nearest waterholes. Local shamans developed the custom of repainting such figures in order to keep the Wandjina's life force strong and ensure that they continue to manifest themselves in the form of favorable rain and overall good weather.

As the Wandjina have the power to control water, wind and weather phenomena in general, they may punish people who anger them by conjuring floods, storms and lightnings. They may also be associated with other primordial deities such as the Rainbow Serpent.