Alien Species

The Wamphyri are an extraterrestrial vampiric race that comes from the dimension known as "Starside/Sunside". They are leech-like parasites that bonds with hosts and grants them a infinite lifespan and supernatural abilities such as: telepathy, ESP, shapeshifting, superhuman strength and speed, and the need to sustain it all by consuming blood.


The Wamphyri leeches in their true forms resemble worm-like creatures with snake-like bodies and shovel-like heads, and fanged mouths.

Once the leeches bond with human hosts, their human hosts will gain pale skin, red eyes, pointed ears, fanged teeth and clawed hands and feet.

Human Wamphyri become more monstrous as they age.

Some bald elder Wamphyri Lords (like in the case of Vasagi, Drakesh, Luscula and Zack) looks like Count Orlok from the silent movie "Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror".

If the leeches bond with canine animals (such as wolves or foxes), they create first type Werewolves (vampiric wolves able take human-like forms to lure preys towards them).

The second-type Werewolves (humans infected by vampric wolves) are capable to shift into wolf-like creatures.

Some non-werewolf Wamphyri can manifest beast-like traits such as: canine muzzle and chiropteran ears. This may be due to their distant ancestry from an infected animal.

Some Wamphyri are able to transform into bat-like forms for flight.

Shaitan The Unborn (who is the progenitor of all vampires), mostly resemble a giant human-faced anthropomorphic version of his leech. This is due to he is so old and so advanced, that his leech has been merged with his entire body.

Some Wamphyri loses control of their metamorphosis, causing them to mutate into massive amorphous blobs of mouths, eyes, arms and tentacles. Like in the case of Angelo Francezci

The Wamphyri Warriors appears as flying giant monsters with wings, pincer claws and mandibles.

The Wamphyri Flyers are another flying type, they appears as giant manta-like creatures with reptilian heads, necks and tails.


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