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The Vy'keen are a species of bipedal sapients.


Vy'keens are covered in a green, scaly skin. Like many sapient species found throughout the universe, Vy'keens take on a humanoid stance: They stand upright on a single pair of bipedal legs, with a pair of arms as their manipulatory tools. However they have a more hunched over posture than that of humans, usually with a protruding jaw. They display an oral dimorphism amongst their species, although what segregates their kind for this is unknown.

While some members of the species have visible, typical mouths, others are "blessed" with a pair of mouth buds (two round lumps present upon the lower jaw) or short yet fleshy tendrils. Plaques are known to mention a species preference for the latter, stating that "those blessed with tendrils did extend them." It is assumed that this is a sign of sexual dimorphism, with those with tendrils being considered to be virile members of the species. However, it is unknown which gender would be which if this is true.

They use Grahgrah gas to temporarily increase their lung capacity to allow high quality battle screams. . Once a high enough level of reputation has been gained, the Vy'Keen traders will be open to assisting with fuel as well as healing. In some notable cases, the player may even be asked to make important decisions on the NPC's behalf. (It can be beneficial to know the Vy'Keen word for dowry.


Vy'keen have developed into a warrior species with a reciprocal honor system tightly in place. This system obligates a Vy'keen to do a favor upon a favor being done for it, and vice-versa. They have a deep veneration for their ancestors. However, unable to excel at few things without resorting to simple brute force leads to some problems with outsiders, as an explorer that accidentally offends a Vy'keen can find themselves on the receiving end of physicality as a Vy'keen will seek to be rid of their problems.

Almost the entirety of their culture and by extension their technology seems to be focused on combat, from everyday tools to ships. For instance, they are known to use Grahgrah Gas to temporarily increase lung capacity to facilitate high quality battle screams.

Through the usage of plaques, the Vy'keen have left a history of their people in a manner analogous to that of the Gek and the Korvax. This history indicates to outsiders that they are a theistic race, worshiping a deity known as Hirk the Great. Monoliths that test the meddle of those approaching them can also be found, which release a hostile creature and toss a sword at the challenged. Failure to complete a challenge can cause physical harm to the individual as well as drastically harm their reputation with the overlying Vy'keen culture. Success instead will bolster reputation, increase understanding of the Atlas language, and some sort of reward such as upgraded weaponry and artifacts.


Vy'keen language primarily consists of considerable amounts of body language and posturing, with actual spoken words and more primitive roars, growls, and rumbles peppered throughout. This makes them appear very ape-like to races such as Humans. While only 459 words are reported as existing in the Vy'keen language, it is believed the actual number is far higher than that.

Relationship with the SentinelsEdit

Because the Sentinels built by the Atlas race prohibit true freedom of the hunt, destruction, and war without providing governance, the Vy'keen have grown to possess great disdain for both the machines and their creators. They also believe as a warrior culture that death is inevitable and see Sentinels' direct attempts to prevent this from happening through preservation as an affront to the natural order. Even so, they consider the Atlas as all-powerful beings that rule over the universe with a limitless supply of war machines.


Because their species follows a societal hierarchy that is mostly militaristic in nature, known titles follow this same route and include the following:

  • Brigadier
  • Captain
  • Conscript
  • Corporal
  • Enforcer
  • Ensign
  • Cadet
  • Enemy
  • Flag Bearer
  • Guard
  • Liquidator
  • Officer
  • Prefect
  • Recruit
  • Scout
  • Sentinel Hunter

Known MembersEdit

  • Nosurifro (plaque inscriber)
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