The Vurks were a humanoid race of reptomammals native to the planet Sembla. The Vurks were distinguished by the pointed crest that rose from the back of their skull, curving up to a half-meter in length behind them. Their faces were divided by the crest, with bulging cheeks and ocular bones supporting their large eyes. Their hands had three thick fingers and an opposable thumb, and the average Vurk stood more than two meters in height. Because the planet Sembla was constantly being remade due to volcanic activity, the Vurks evolved into efficient nomads. Because of this, they were often regarded in the galaxy at large as a primitive people.

As a species, the Vurks resembled amphibians in that they gave birth underwater, and Vurk midwives were held in high esteem among the Vurk society. They were nomadic by nature, moving across Sembla's surface in large, interconnected clans and never remaining in the same location for more than a few weeks. Whenever two or more clans met up during a migration, they held a great feast that was accompanied by games and bartering. Individuals from both clans were allowed to seek out a mate during these gatherings, helping to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant. The males who were married during this time went to live with the female's clan. Individual males who did marry before adulthood often remained single for their entire life. Vurks were known for their steady demeanors and their trustworthiness, and were known to be calm even in the worst of situations.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Vurks escaped any lasting impact, primarily because their homeworld was located well off most hyperspace travel routes.

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