The Vultaum were a technologically advance race that inhabited a certain region of the galaxy 12 million years ago. As 3 to 4 meter annelids(worms), the Vultaum communicated with each other using vibrations carried along their segmented bodies. An average Vultaum can live to about 270 years. The worm-like annelids lived in large chambers close to the surface of their colonies and moons. The Vultaum Star Assembly is considered the oldest known race in galaxy.

At one point in time the Vultaum were experimenting with virtual reality from realistic games to regular life. It was perhaps too realistic, they began start questioning reality. Some sort religion formed out of the idea that everyone was living in a virtual simulation. The followers flooded the Star Assembly's trading outposts with pamphlets of the "Great Lie". They eventually went bigger, using satellites to profess their belief to other nearby civilizations that they needed to "disconnect" from the "simulation". The Vultaum homeworld underwent a radical shift in ideology 12 millions years ago. They started believing that in order to disconnect from the virtual prison they had to kill themselves. They detonated several antimatter charges on their homeworld in an attempt to "free" themselves and to destabilize the "system". Those that that lived on the colony worlds agreed on an hour to off themselves. The Vultaum that didn't participated couldn't keep a viable and sustainable population and eventually met extinction.

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