Alien Species

The Vree are a spacefaring humanoid species and members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.


They are notable for their short stature, enlarged cranium and large black eyes; their appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the Streib, and both species are likely candidates to represent the so-called Greys, which were known to Humans anecdotally before official first contact with the Centauri. Vree have an entirely cartilaginous skeleton.

Culture and society[]

Vree travel in saucer-shaped vessels. Their society is known for its highly competitive capitalistic tendencies, and they are also known galaxy-wide as compulsive practical jokers. Their eating habits are considered horrific, at least by the Narns.


In the year 2258, the Babylon 5 station became stage for a curious judicial trial in which a Human by the name Flinn attempted to sue a Vree for personal damages, claiming that the Vree's great-grandfather had abducted Flinn's great-grandfather.

Earlier that year, the Narn ambassador G'Kar complained about how their delegation was placed next to the Vree delegation in an upcoming banquet, this is of course due to their horrible eating habits.

During the Shadow War, and the subsequent liberation of Earth, many Vree craft made vast contributions.