Alien Species
Vratix UAA

The Vratix were a race, native to the planet Thyferra, perfected the creation of bacta by combining alazhi and kavam, the latter a chemical substance excreted by the Vratix. They vastly outnumbered the Human natives of the planet, but were considered inferior to their corporate counterparts. In form, the Vratix were insectoids that bore a strange resemblance to humanoids. They had large, compound eyes, a stalk-like neck, and three pairs of limbs sprouting from a cylindrical thorax and abdomen. The upper set of limbs served as triple-jointed arms, while the lower two pairs of limbs served as legs. The last set of limbs was well-muscled, and was used in jumping.

Most Vratix were gray in color, with the shades darkening with age. However, body color could be changed to express emotion through the excretion of dernin, a chemical that was produced in the short hair-like bristles that studded the body of a Vratix.

The Vratix existed in a basic form of hive mentality, but were able to function as individuals. As a people, the Vratix believed that sight and sound were not permanent things, and preferred to touch another being in order to recognize their presence. Communication among Vratix was accomplished through a series of low-pitched clicks, although most individuals were capable of speaking the Basic language. Each Vratix individual was given two names. The first was the name of their hive, while the second was a given name.

The Vratix on Thyferra governed themselves through a representative council that was led by two canirs. Three major political parties evolved with the development of bacta: the Zaltin, the Xucphra, and the Ashern Circle. However, the strong pro-Human sentiments that permeated the Zaltin and Xucphra factions led to the labeling of the Ashern as terrorists. Although the Ashern were widely considered to have been responsible for the contamination of certain lots of bacta during the height of the New Order, this might only have been a ruse to cover up an internal struggle. The Ashern, through the Vratix Qlaern Hirf, petitioned Wedge Antilles to sponsor their admittance to the New Republic, but the move was placed in limbo when Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra. Eventually, the Vratix were about to expel the Human leaders of the bacta cartels, and took control of Thyferra's production facilities.

During the height of the Swarm War, the Vratix government was targeted by the Colony for a military coup, and in effort to draw the Galactic Alliance into fighting smaller battles and leaving the Utegetu Nebula unguarded. This would have allowed the Colony to launch its full-scale attack on the Chiss, but the plans of the Colony were discovered by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. Their message arrived too late to save the Vratix, however, and Thyferra swiftly fell to the Killiks who attacked it.