General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Wildstorm Universe

The Voyagers were race that originated from the Wildstorm Universe.

Biology Edit

One of the oldest races in the multiverse. They were a psionic species that existed on an intellectual and philosophical plane about a million times higher than humans.

History Edit

The Voyagers were once an ancient race of benevolent entities that travelled the multiverse spreading enlightenment. On one Earth, during the Prohibition, they targeted the most powerful influential members of society. However rather than changing the perspective of their hosts, human nature got the better of the the Voyagers and aliens became corrupted by a lust for power and wealth.

The Voyagers having experience physical pleasure created Reality Incorporated to change the multiverse for their benefit.

Culture Edit

The Voyagers travelled the multiverse, benevolently merging themselves with more primitive species, raising consciousness, advancing evolution, and supposedly improving the entire nature of existence in the process.

After encountering humanity, the Voyagers became corrupted by the darker sides of human emotions. Having experience the wonders of physical pleasure, they became obsessed with material wealth, carnal pleasure, and exploitation of other universes.

Sources Edit

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