The Vorzydiaks were a race of near-humans native to the planets Vorzyd IV and Vorzyd V. In general usage, those beings native to Vorzyd IV were referred to as Vorzyd IV's; Vorzyd V's were the Vorzydiaks native to Vorzyd IV. The average Vorzydiak resembled a human being, but had yellow skin, wider eyes, and a pair of long antennae sprouting from their head.

Most Vorzydiaks attended school every day of the week until the age of ten, when they started working one day a week in the factories of their homeworld. Each year, they worked an additional day each week until, at the age of seventeen, they worked full-time, seven days a week. At the age of seventy, a Vorzydiak was allowed to retire, being deemed to old to keep up with the younger Vorzydiaks. Most Vorzydiaks died shortly after retiring, being unable to adapt to life without work. As a people, Vorzydiaks tended to be isolationists, and rarely made contact with other beings or worlds. They were also minimalists, and tended to value conformity and stasis.

Among the various peoples of the Commonality, the Vorzydiaks were the first to achieve hyperspacial flight, after the Old Republic provided them with the basic technology. Their exploration of the nine sectors brought many races together, but the efforts of the Vorzydiaks was overshadowed by the exploitation of the Commonality by the Columexi.

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