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The Vortaak are a race of warlike humanoids in the Godzilla game series, first appearing in the Atari game Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.


The Vortaak are similar to the Xiliens, because they also used mind control to use Godzilla and other monsters to attack Earth. The Vortaak are shown as one of the Universe's most dominant species, with them conquering other worlds in order to expand their growing empire. They have advanced technology, with their enormous mothership - large enough to contain several kaiju - housing an entire city onboard and is fitted with a cloaking sheild for stealth. As well as their mothership, the Vortaak use smaller flying saucers and also have submarines - the largest of which is known as the

Godzilla fights the Hammersub

Godzilla fights the Hammersub.

Hammersub, due to its similarity in appearance to a Hammerhead Shark.

In Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, the Vortaak attack Earth (a planet they had previously attacked in the past) and take control of all its monsters before sending them to attack various locations. One of the monsters, hower (originally Godzilla), manages to break free of the mind control and fights all the other mind controlled creatures. Upon defeating them, the defeated monsters are freed from the Vortaak's mind control. Angry at how Godzilla has defeated all the other monsters and caused great delay to their invasion, the Vortaak teleport Godzilla aboard their ship so that he could fight their champion - MechaGodzilla.  Despite their expectations, Godzilla defeats his mechanical counterpart and is teleported back to Earth, with the Vortaak fleeing - their plans foiled for the time being. 

Queen Vorticia

Vorticia, Queen of the Vortaak.

However, the Vortaak returned 2 years later in Godzilla: Save the Earth, with Vorticia - the Queen of the Vortaak - ensuring their second invasion would be successful. Addressing humanity, Vorticia stated that Earth's scientists had unlocked the secrets of Godzilla's DNA and declared she must have Godzilla's G-Cells in order to create the 'ultimate monster' - sending another army of mind controlled monsters to attack Earth. Godzilla, sensing the return of his old enemy, once again begins to battle the amassed army of monsters in order to free them from their mind control. However, he is unable to stop Vorticia and her forces from gaining some of his G-Cells. The Vortaak once again teleport him onto their Mothership, this time to battle the monster Orga.

SpaceGodzilla defeated and the Vortaak flee

SpaceGodzilla defeated and the Vortaak flee.

After Godzilla beats the alien beast, he is teleported back to Earth to face his final enemy - SpaceGodzilla (the result of the Vortaak using his DNA to create a new monster). Despite SpaceGodzilla's powerful attacks, Godzilla is able to defeat him. Upon his defeat, SpaceGodzilla loses control of his powers and is sucked through a black hole into another dimension - much to the horror of Vorticia, who screams in defiance as the Vortaak flee; defeated once again. However, Vorticia warns humanity the Vortaak will be back.

True to her word, Vorticia and the Vortaak return some time later to have a third attempt at conquering Earth and 'delivering the planet from the plague of humanity'. As the Vortaak prepared to attack, however, the ship was suddenly hit by a large meteor that 'mysteriously appeared' from behind their ship. The impact caused damage to one of the ship's repulsors while radiation from the asteroid disabled the ship's cloaking sheild. Annoyed at the delay, Vorticia reluctantly told her forces to stand down while the ship was repaired - pondering on how such an event had happened now just before their invasion, with the notion that "someone or something" had their eye on Earth as well. Unbeknown to Vorticia and the Vortaak, the one responsible was SpaceGodzilla - the creature the Vortaak had created some time back, but had lost into a black hole after Godzilla defeated it.

Sending out their alien creatures (King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon and Orga) after discovering that the meteors that had impacted on Earth had caused alien crystal growths across the planet, Vorticia ordered 'her pets' to steal the crystals and return them to her - in order for her to make the Vortaak's monsters stronger. At one point, the vortaak are able to use the radiation harnessed from the crystals to 'hyper evolve' King Ghidorah into a more powerful form - although the three headed dragon is still defeated later. In a move of superiority after the ship's repairs are completed, the Mothership hovers over the city of San Fransisco. However, the mothership is brought down by one of Earth's monsters/mechas - crashing into the bay. It's likely that Vorticia escaped beforehand, as if the aliens win she is shown onboard a vortaak ship - laughing at their victory. However, if any of the other factions win, Vorticia and what remained of her forces would probably have retreated again.


The Vortaak look like humans but usually have very pale, grey skin and clear red eyes.  They wear silver helmets and scaly armor with purple gloves. 

Vorticia, the Queen of the Vortaak, is shown as having pale skin like a humans, but with almost completely black eyes and metal claws on her fingertips. She wears a purple and silver armour and a silver helmet. In her later appearance, she has a purple cloak.