Voliticus Biopsis
Voliticus Biopsis1
General Information
Homeworld Primus
Locomotion Flight
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10

Voliticus Biopsis are flying mosquito-like aliens from the planet Primus.

Biology Edit

Voliticus Biopsis are robotic mosquito/wasp-like aliens with blue skin, two pairs of wings, four legs, and eyes with black sclerae and green pupils.


Voliticus Biopsis were created by Azmuth to collect DNA samples for the Codon Stream, though it is not specified what process Azmuth used to make them.



  • The name Voliticus Biopsis comes from Latin "volat", meaning fly and "bio", meaning life.
  • In the video game Halo, if the player plays on the custom edition using mods, the Yanme'es bear a resemblance to them.
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