Transyl holding Whampire
General Information
Homeworld Anur Vladias
Locomotion Bipedal and Flight
Diet Energy
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Vladats are the species from the planet Anur Vladias.


The Vladats originated from Anur Vladias. When it became uninhabitable, they abandoned their home planet and moved to the planet Anur Transyl, which is also the home planet of the Transylians. They were the predators/enemies of Transylians.

According to Dr. Viktor, the Vladats used his people as slaves like nothing more than beast of burden and, ultimately, as food. This is most likely due to their ability to create Corrupturas, which they used to control others.

Vladats were incinerated upon destruction in a war against the Transylians some time before Azmuth started acquiring DNA samples for the Omnitrix, and therefore their DNA was not originally in any omnitrix DNA database. They were extinct until Zs'Skayr revived Lord Transyl back to life by using power from the Alpha Rune to regenerate the deteriorated hand of its dead ruler. Ben acquired a Vladat DNA sample, creating Whampire.

Zs'Skayr and Lord Transyl made an attempt using the former's DNA as a template to revive the Vladat species from extinction but have been stopped by Ben Tennyson and a vengeful Viktor.


Their main source of food were Transylians, though it is later revealed that they can feed off energy from any other living beings. They also eat insects, as seen with Whampire.


Judging from their past history with the Transylians, Dr. Viktor's hatred of them, and Lord Transyl's attitude toward Zs'Skar and others, Vladats are seen to be arrogant, cruel, and bloodthirsty. They consider other beings (especially Ectonurites) to be inferior. To them, other beings are only useful as slaves and/or food.


Vladats possess powers that are similar to stereotypical vampires of legend. These include:

  • Flight: Using the bat-like wings under their arms, they are able to fly at high speeds, (though Lord Transyl seem to lack wings and may be flying by some other means).
  • Enhanced Strength: They can easily hold up their victims and even fly while carrying them.
  • Hypnosis: By making eye contact, they can force a victim into obeying their commands.
  • Corrupturas: In order to control multiple slaves at one time, Vladats create tiny, bat-winged creatures inside their bodies and spit them out of their mouths. These creatures affix them to their victims' foreheads. Unlike being under a hypnotic trance, the victims are still conscious and aware of their surroundings, but are unable to stop their bodies from obeying the Vladat's commands; in essence, Corrupturas turn their victims into unwilling puppets of the Vladat's commands.
  • Light Endurance: Unlike Ectonurites, Vladats are able to withstand greater amounts of light before being burned to ashes.
  • Energy Drainage: Vladats feed on the life-force energy of others (except Ectonourites) by sucking it through their fangs. Normally the Transylians are their primary prey, but they will feed on other races if necessary.
  • Sonic Explosions: Vladats can generate a powerful sonic explosion from within themselves and blow away any creature close by them for defense.
  • X-Ray Vision: They can see the internal structure (for example: blood circulation) and energy of their victims.
  • Bat Transformation - Vladats can turn themselves into miniature bat forms.
  • Sonic Explosions: Vladats can create sonic explosions of devastating power.


Vladats cannot mind-control other Vladats, cybernetically enhanced beings such as Exo-Skull, or members of Hobble's Species.

While they can last longer in sunlight than Ectonurites, they can still be harmed from exposure. It's also a matter of time before they literally burn to death by turning into ash.

Vladats are unable to drain life energy from Ectonurites since they are not alive in the conventional sense. Vladats can also be possessed by Ectonurites.



  • The species' name is based on Vlad the Impaler, the basis for the original Count Dracula.
  • Vladats were native to Anur Vladias, but not anymore as it's now uninhabitable.
  • According to Duncan Rouleau, the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Vladat DNA. Therefore, Whampire is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
    • However, given the reimagining of certain planets in the reboot, the Vladats' history may be very different compared to what was shown in Omniverse.
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