The Virus Creators are a mysterious entity with a hive mind of their own that served as the true main antagonists of the Teletoon series Supernoobs. So far little is currently know about them, except that they and their kind, plan to infected the entire galaxy and on the war against Benevolent Alliance.

History[edit | edit source]

These malevolent entities has been responsible for bio-engineering Virus, parasitic organisms that has the power to turn ordinary things (organic and inorganic alike) into creatures or monsters. They has tried to create the unstoppable pandemic of Virus for unspecified amount of time, but their plans were halted by Benevolent Alliance that wage war against them. Memnock and Zenblok later join the war as their race introduces Battle Balls, weapons that capable to combat Virus-based monsters.

As the Virus Creators now target Earth, Memnock and Zenblok immediately set out for recruiting humans whom willing to join them as Virus Warriors, only to found that they just have recruit 4 human kids.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It may be more then one since the name implies Creators and not Creator.
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