General Information
Homeworld The Overworld
Habitat Any
Body Type Bipedal tetrapod
Skin Colors Tan
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous (assumed)
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Sapiant
Behavior Passive
Language Unknown Villager language
Subspecies/Races Zombie Villager
Behind the Scenes
Universe Minecraft Universe

Villagers are a species of sapient humanoids from the Minecraft Universe.

Society Edit


All of the different types of Villager

Aside from their trading and ability to construct Villages, Villagers are also noted as intelligent species due to their workforce, which is identified due to the specifically colored cloths that Villagers wear. Brown Villagers are farmers, white are librarians, purple are pastors, brown with grey aprons are butchers, and brown with black aprons are blacksmiths.

History Edit

Villagers are incredibly intelligent beings, being one of the only creatures in Minecraft to be able to build up a working society, as seen from their vast Villages and their method of trading with Humans. Villagers are also known for being targeted by Zombies, who have the ability to infect them and assimilate them into Zombie Villagers. Upon being assimilated, the zombified villager will turn incredibly hostile, often grouping themselves with other infected villagers and zombies and performing attacks against Humans and other villagers.

Appearances Edit

  • Minecraft (first appearance)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
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