Alien Species

Vicetopus are a non-sapient species from the planet Encephalonus IV, and the natural predators of Cerebrocrustaceans.



Vicetopus are red octopus-like creatures with many long tentacles that can extend long distances to grab prey. They have a beaked mouth, two red eyes, and brown spots across their back.

Powers and abilities

Vicetopus have enhanced strength, enough to squeeze a Cerebrocrustacean until their shells are cracked open.

Vicetopus can extend their tentacles long distances in order to capture Cerebrocrustaceans.

A Vicetopus' rubbery skin makes them somewhat resistant to electricity, such as a Cerebrocustacean's attacks.[1]


Despite their skin being resistant, Vicetopus are not immune to electricity.[1]



  • The way Vicetopus hunt Cerebrocrustaceans is similar to how Earth octopi feed on crustaceans, as they both use their tentacles to crack the shells of their prey before devouring their innards.


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