The Vheln are a race of reptiles native to Xanth, bred into sapience by the dominant species on their homeworld, the Xanid.

Reptilian normal 07.png

Vheln physiology screams "strength" when viewed for the first time. The Vheln were bred to become stocky individuals to handle any task given to them by their masters. Despite their strong aura and strength they are quite small, about half the height of a normal adult male human. Vheln heads are smooth with their cheek bones protruding below their eyes. They have excellent hearing due to their overly large ears. Each ear is about the size of their head. Vheln mouths have evolved into a beak like structure, to better eat fruits and nuts during their more primitive years before Xanid interference. The Vheln are inherently dumb most likely bred to be more submissive and to want less.

The Vheln were once a pre-sapient species hanging around the shrubberies of Xanth. This was until the species was captured and tamed by the Xanid. Once tamed they were bred into submission and servitude. This unintelligent servitude continued until the Vheln showed signs learning and intelligence. They eventually became sentient and were used as laborers, soldiers, and maybe even lovers in the ever growing Xanid Suzerainty.

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