Alien Species

The Vespiforms, also called Giant Wasps, are a sapient alien species whose physical appearance closely resembles a three meters tall wasp. They are native to the Silfrax Galaxy, where they thrive in huge hives.


Vespiform 2

A Vespiform

Despite their hymenopteran appearance (hardly suitable for flight in such a large creature) they are perfectly capable of flying and also have stingers on their abdomen which, unlike the case with Earth wasps, are able to regenerate, allowing them to be used multiple times. The species cannot survive underwater and is thus susceptible to drowning.

Members of this race are able to transform themselves into other species (at least into Humans) down to the genetic level and can even reproduce with the species they shapeshift into while assuming that form. Any offspring would be locked in one form until put under stress, when they would turn into their Vespiform shape. The transformations are accompanied by a glowing, purple-pink haze and left behind morphic residue. Vespiforms have been described as an ancient and wise species, and it's possible their shapeshifting may represent a technological achievement, rather than natural ability.


Vespiform technology includes powerful crystal-like telepathic recorders which are capable of instantly transferring large amounts of knowledge and thoughts from one mind to another. Members of this species are known to permanently keep part of their mental essence within the recorders, allowing it to be transferred to others. However, the device may also pick on unconscious thoughts from its users and transfer these as well to the next owner, potentially causing mental confusion and even personality disorders.