General Information
Homeworld Roche Asteroid field
Habitat Asteroid field
Height 1.9 meters
Skin Colors Green, sometimes blue
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Verpine (Some speak Galactic Basic)
Reproduction Unknown, possibly through laying eggs
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

The Verpine are a species of sapient insectoids that live in the Roche asteroid field, unlike most other races which evolved on planets.

History Edit

After discovering space travel, the Verpine began colonizing several asteroids in the Roche asteroid field, using the metals found on the asteroids to create various machines that the Verpine would sell across the galaxy, the most popular being the Verpine Shatter Gun. Unlike some insectoid species, such as the Geonosians, Verpine could be born force-sensitives, the most famous of which being Beyghor Sahdett, who became a Jedi and fought during the Clone Wars, later surviving Order 66 and falling to the Dark Side of the Force, becoming the first Inquisitor in service of Emperor Palpatine.

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