Venusians are a sapient humanoid civilization native to the planet Venus.

A couple of Venusians came to Earth to try to interbreed with the native Humans in order to increase their numbers before taking over the planet and claiming it for themselves.


Venusians are humanoids and their feet have two clawed toes. They appear to consume enormous quantities of food. Judging from their intentions to create a hybrid race, it can be assumed that they are genetically compatible with Humans.

Culture and societyEdit

Venusians seem to be a competitive society, which operates on the idea of "survival of the fittest" and shows little to no empathy to those who are perceived as weak.

Their technological achievements notably include: necklace devices that allow them to disguise their appearance; a weapon that instantly renders multiple targets unconscious for an hour or so; and a "hate potion", which is the opposite of a love potion, causing the user to instinctively hate the first person they lay their eyes upon.


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