Alien Species

Venusians of metal slug

Venusians is an alien race that appears in the Metal Slug universe. A carnivorous race, they normally eat Mars peoples.


They appear as large, toad-like creatures, with bulbous heads and reptilian features. They also have purple blood.


Their technology appears to be organic, as seen when certain vehicles leak a blood-like fluid when destroyed.

VFO: An unusually shaped Venusian spacecraft used by unwinged Venusians.

Crab-Tank: A kind of Venusian walker. Crab-like, it can fire two energy mortars from the nodules in its head. It is also able to fire a large blue bubble which splits into 3 small ones from a cannon underneath its carapace.

Vanguard: A modified crab-tank with two tentacles atop its carapace. It is able to fire small an oval laser from its guns in the first segment of Final Mission, and the ones found in the Venusian Hive shoots a huge spinning laser from its eye, which can be hard to dodge.

Controller: A green robotic variant of the standard controller, a specimen of this type can control a host from afar, using a long umbilical cord attached to the victim's neck.

VFEO: Venusian Flying Energy Object. An object used by the Venusians that can use waste or meteors as weapons. It can throw single, multiple, or all the objects at one target

IVFO: Indestructible Venusian Flying Object. They look like giant rocks. Other than their meteor launchers, they cannot be destroyed.

Racial abilities[]

Certain members of the species are gifted with insect-like wings, and the ability to launch corrosive plasma blasts from their mouths.


Drones: The most commonly encountered Venusian strain. Able to vomit larvae, which slowly home in on a target and explode. Sometimes they spin around, extend their neck, and devour the prey

Squad Leader: Pink in color, and much different than other Venusians. Once they appear, they begin to spin around, and then bounce around the field, only affected by walls.

Flying Drones: The most common encountered Winged Venusian.

Troopers: These Winged Venusians shoot 2 plasma rays unaimed.

Elite Troopers: Tan-Peach in color, more powerful

Squad Leader: Pink in color, the most powerful from winged drones, very rare


Flying Parasite: Small, orange octopus-like creatures with the ability to take control of another organism, latching onto the victim's head with its tentacles and turning him/her into a zombie-drone with purple skin, causing him/her to lose a life. Able to fly. When swooping down to take control a victim, it can also latch on to you if you get in its way.

Friendly Flying Parasite: Purple versions of parasites, friendly

Hunter Walker: Anti-personnel creatures with four legs with a blue, oval-shaped body. They have a single eye in the center of its body, just below their very large mouth. On the ground they puke spores three times in a row. However, the ones found in the Hunters' Hive, his is able to walk on ceilings, thus firing an eye at one person.

Hunter Lord: A giant version of the Hunter. It can release bombs across the screen and its eye is its only weak point. The last gray version is totally indestructible,

Scavenger: Gray-colored scorpion-like Venusian breed

Smasher: One-eyed, red creatures with four legs and a white chubby body. They spin their legs like helicopters when flying. When a target is below them, they inflate their body and crash toward the target.

Venusian invasion[]

The Venusian invasion is the name of the event that takes during the time period from April 2031 to May 2031, when the Venusians arrive to Earth to attack the Mars people. They also begin to attack important cities such as New York, Pekin, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Mexico City, Tokio, Estambul, Riad, Rome, London, Paris, and others.