Alien Species
Venom Weed Scan
Venom Weed
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Unknown (Possibly either Tallon IV or Aether)
Diet Carnivorous
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Venom Weed is a poisonous floral organism that will retract into the ground if threatened. Related to the more common Tangle Weed, they adapted to thrive in the habitats of large organisms, where they will lure their prey with brightly colored leaves before attacking with tiny barbs that deliver a powerful toxin. The Venom Weed will rapidly decompose anything that succumbs in their midst. Its true homeworld is still in question, due to its being found on two separate planets - Tallon IV and Aether.

Venom Weed appears to evolve when Tangle Weed encounters poison to interact with, as Tallon IV Venom Weed seems to have evolved with the onset of Flaahgra, while Aetherian Venom Weed more likely became toxic due to the venomous waters of Dark Aether in which they have been found.

As with Tangle Weed, shooting at or near one will temporarily make it retract into the ground to protect itself. They emit a "sighing" sound when they retract.