General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Reyn Universe

The Venn are a spacefaring civilization of raiders from Reyn.

Physiology Edit

They resemble bipedal anthropomorphic salamanders with various skin patterns. Though they are reptilians, they are capable of sexual recreation with humans.

History Edit

A thousand years ago the Venn came across the Fate a giant ark ship, containing part of the human race that escaped their dying solar system when the sun exploded. The Venn attempted to board and raid the Fate, but face heavy opposition from the Wardens. The Wardens nearly repulsed the aliens, however the Venn self-destructed their vessel, severely damaging the Fate. It drifted from its destination and faced critical systems failures, resulting in the internal environment of the contained ecosystem to experience an Ice Age. To escape danger, the Venn went into hibernation while the surviving humans endured the cold for generations, losing their history, knowledge of technology and origins.

A millennium later the human descendants created a civilization based on medieval society of Europe. The Venn awakening found these humans easy to manipulate, quickly enslaved them or at times ruled through the local human barons to control the Fate denizens. With most of the Wardens dead, the Venn became the undisputed rulers of the ark ship.

The Venn's only opposition were the tribe called the Followers of Tek, an order that kept the light of innovation alive. The Venn used their human thralls to persecute them calling their art sorcery. However the truth of humanity's origins were discovered by the Tek and the last surviving Warden, who brought their reign to an end.

Culture Edit

The Venn considered themselves to be "traders" or sorts though its better translated as pirates, that sacked worlds of living beings and technology to sell to others.

Sources Edit

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