Velonceps Calyx, also simply known as Husks, are a species of parasitic creatures known for infecting Humans and turning them into a Zombie-like state. Despite being the smallest species discovered on their world, they are considered highly dangerous to Humans.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The exact Velonceps Calyx hasn't entirely been observed. The Human host, however, dons a rusted hazmat suit with a broken helmet from which three 'tentacles' protrude.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Velonceps Calyx are parasitic in nature, and can't survive well out in the open. So to accommodate this, they take hold of a larger animal, namely a Human host, and use it as their vessel. As most, if not all, infected Humans are found in rusted out diving suits, it is assumed that they find the hosts through swimming in the open waters, and are able to slip inside the suit without being detected.

Host bodies take on a zombie-like behavior, with the parasite controlling their aggression and hostility towards similar lifeforms. This happens as a reproduction method, as normal creatures bitten by an infected one become infected themselves through the parasite's eggs latching onto the body.

Stages of infection[edit | edit source]

  1. Dormant Stage: it is almost undetectable in this stage (curable)
  2. First Stage: in this stage the Velonaceps Calyx will stablish itself in the throat, causing mild discomfort (still curable)
  3. Medium stage: In this stage the infected will be rendered completly mute due to the Velonaceps Calyx growing in the throat, but it will still allow the infected to breathe, the infected then will be able to infect other organisms at will by using a small spike appendage potruding from the bottom of their throat, infected individuals cured from this stage claim infecting other organisms "appeases" the parasite when in reality it only slows it down for its final stage (still curable but will require higher doses)
  4. Final Stage: the Velonaceps Calyx has grown large enough to devour all of the internal organs, the infected organism will then start to have seizures until they die from internal damage, after the Velonaceps Calyx is done consuming the internal organs, it will be able to take full control of the organsim's body as if it was alive (thus the term "Husk") then almost inmediatly either the jaw or the entire face will erupt, exposing the spike, the husk will be also able to sustain high amounts of water pressure, being able to survive the harsh environments from the bottom of Europa (no longer curable, doses will start to damage the organism entirely)
  5. More appendages will appear from holes in the face rendering the body completly unrecognisible
  6. higher exposures are yet to be observe but it is theorised that the Velonaceps Calyx will simply expire due to the decomposition of the body

Crawlers[edit | edit source]

Before the arrival of human civilitation to Europa, Velonaceps Calyx used to infect Crawlers, though it is rarely common to witness an infected Crawler, they can still be found in the icy depths.

Cultural significance[edit | edit source]

Despite the Husk Parasite's aggressive nature, a group of inhabitants on Europa began worshiping it, listening to the stories of victims who managed to survive saying that the parasite it 'must be appeased'. The 'Church of The Husk', as they call themselves, believes that the Husk can bring a new and stronger era for humanity. The cult can be aggressive in their search for the Velonaceps Calyx's acceptance. This makes them an enemy of the Europa Coalition, resulting in the following become more subtle over time.

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