Alien Species

The Velantians are a telepathic species from the third planet of the Velantia System with the same name.  


They have a ten meter long serpentine body, are strong muscled and covered with almost impenetrable skin while the feet are razor sharp, as is the knife-blade tail. Broad, leathery wings used for gliding fold out of sight when the being is at rest.

Valentians are telepathic, and can project their thoughts even to non-telepathic races over enormous distances. Their brilliant and complex minds, their ability to withstand high gravitational stresses and accelerations, and their advanced scientific knowledge make them well suited for interstellar exploration and contact.


Early in their development, the Velantians were enslaved by the Delgonian race, the inhabitants of the second planet in their system. The Delgonians, also telapathic, fed on the life force of tortured Velantians. In an age-long struggle to break free of the Delgon Overlords, the Velantians developed their physical and metal sciences in secret, until they finally discovered an effective mind shield. When Delgon control was broken by the shield, the Velantians built interplanetary ships and fought a savage war of extermination with Delgon. In the end, they utterly destroyed the Delgonians.