Vegetable Monster
General Information
Homeworld Preplanis
Body type Vegetable-like
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Unknown
Sapience level Unknown
Status EX (presumed)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lost in Space

This "Vegetable Monster" is a bipedal man-sized creature that looks like a vaguely humanoid being made of grass, and possesses a pair of large spherical eyes on top of short eyestalks.

A member of this species was found by Dr. Zachary Smith and Will Robinson on the planet Preplanis, where the being chased them into a groove covered by mobile vines which closed off their means of escape and trapped them. The vines displayed the ability to move and to respond to stimuli, becoming more rigid when Dr. Smith and Will tried to tear them up; and growing flowers and fruit when they tried to dig around them, releasing nutrients from the ground.

The "Vegetable Monster", in turn, seemed to act as a guardian of the vine cage: preventing the humans from escaping and ensuring that they would forever remain there and help to cultivate the vines. The origins and motivations of this creature were never revealed: whether it was a sapient being or some symbiotic beast. The creature died as it was shot down by Prof. John Robinson and Major West. It's not known if there were others like it, but after the destruction of Preplanis, it's likely that they've become extinct.


  • Lost in Space, s01e12, "The Raft" (1965)
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