"Suddenly, there it was, a being with semi-human facial features, long ears, and yellow, slanted eyes. Its arms were no bigger around than a quarter. Its body resembled the stalk of a plant in shape and color, for ir was slender and green."
―Brad Steiger's description of the creature, Alien Meetings.

The Vegetable Man of West Virginia is a peculiar extraterrestrial being reportedly encountered by a hunter named Jennings Frederick in the forests around Fairmont, West Virginia, USA, in July, 1968. Although Frederick saw no UFO, he claims to have heard a strange sound after the creature left, which he believed to have been the ship taking off.


In spite of its plant-like nature, this skinny humanoid is a vampire-like beast, which feeds on the blood of its victims by absorbing it with its 7-inches-long fingers. Said fingers have been described as having both needles and suction cups.

The alien is also capable of communicating by telepathy and of exerting some hypnotic influence over its victims to put them in a trance-like state while feeding on their blood. While it does so, its normally yellow eyes become red and the victim ceases to feel their blood being drained.

After it's done feeding, it leaves its victims behind and leaps away extremely fast, being able to cover up distances of over 25 feet in a single leap.


  • Coincidentally, the idea of a plant-based vampire alien which absorbs blood with its hands was featured in Edgar Rice Burrough's The Gods of Mars with the Martian Plant Men, even though the novel predates the encounter with the actual Vegetable Man by 50 years.
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