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The Vedrans are an imperialist quadrupedal humanoid species from the planet Tarn-Vedra in the Kaa Core system in the Andromeda Galaxy. They were noted for being the first sapient species to independently discover the Slipstream and were also the founding race of the Systems Commonwealth.


Vedrans are humanoid in appearance but with the distinct feature of being quadrupeds, they reproduce sexually and are a dioecies species, with males outnumbering females six to one.

Culture and Society[]

Vedrans are a matriarchal society, with a single female leading a herd of males. When they die, Vedrans are buried in a circular formation, with the matriarch at the centre with the male graves surrounding her and symbolically standing guard over her. Vedrans have multiple nation states who each have their own matriarch. Vedran technology is extremely advanced with Vedrans being the first species to discover the Slipstream, and successfully encompass an entire planetary system in a tesseract.


Vedrans began life as herd animals, until they eventually developed sapience and became the first FTL capable, building an enormous intergalactic empire, conquering species such as the Perseids, Chichins, and Kalderans, the third of whom they attempted to eradicate after a failed defence of their homeworld. Tthe Vedran Empire later became the Systems Commonwealth, integrating species not through violence, but by offering them places within it. They eventually integrated Humans and, later on, the post human species.

When the Nietzschean uprising destroyed the Commonwealth, the Vedrans went into species wide exile by encapsulating Tarn-Vedra within a tesseract, sealing them off from the Slipstream. The last time an Vedran was seen outside the tesseract was on Ral-Parthea, which was also put in a tesseract.