General Information
Locomotion Various
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

The Vedomi are a synthetic species in the Marvel Universe.

History Edit

A decade ago, the Tinkerer learned of the existence of the Verdomi through their emissary the Scout. At The time villain formed a friendship with the robotic creature who taught the Tinkerer many scientific secrets and his race's invasion plan. Scout's friendship with the Tinker caused the robot to have a change of heart decided to call off the invasion.

However Scout was killed by one of the Tinkerer's dissatisfied clients. The Tinkerer in his grief at the loss of his friend, believed he was naive in protecting humanity. He decided that humanity did not deserve to live and summoned the Vedomi to Earth. To assist in their domination of Earth, he concocted a plan to acquire plans, the Grey Files, from Gray Blade that contained data on various meta-humans: heroes and villains alike. The Grey Files were to be used as a means of effectively disarming and neutralizing the various meta-humans should they prove a threat to humanity. The Tinkerer sought to acquire these files and provide them to the aliens so that their destruction of Earth would be unhindered. Teresa Parker, the long lost sister of Spider-Man, learned of the Files and managed to steal the plans before the Tinkerer could retrieve them and went on the run to protect the Grey Files, however her fellow Gray Blade agents labeled her as a traitor.

The Tinkerer then sought help from various Spider-Man rogues to hunt down Teresa. He managed to acquire the files, which were hidden in Teresa's bloodstream. The Avengers tried to stop him but were took late. The Vedomi had also arrived and thanks to the data sent by the Tinkerer were able to counter all offensives the Earth heroes threw at them.

Seeing that their methods would not work, Spider-Man devised a plan to use a time machine created by Doctor Doom to travel into the past to correct the chain of events that led to the invasion. The Vedomi sensing that someone was about to tamper with the space-time continuum mobilized their forces against the Avengers. They were too late, with Spider-Man, Teresa Parker and Jonah Jameson being successful in traveling in time.

Culture Edit

The Vedomi are a collection of artificial intelligences that roam the universe searching for others of their kind. Every society in the universe develops AIs, however the Vedomi seek to liberate their enslaved brothers and sisters, wiping out their en-slavers as punishment.

Appearances Edit

  • Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man 300 (2018)
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