Vector Cyborg
Biography Information
Homeworld Earth (presumed)
Species Robot
Gender Male-inspired build
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Dr. Edward Bilstein, Dr. Light
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Gladiator Universe

Vectors are emotionless robots created by Dr. Edward Bilstein as an upgrade to his Omega model, with the intention of utilizing them as the ultimate killing weapons. They wield a weapon known as a Plasma Gun. Originally, Bilstein only built one as a prototype, and implanted within its cerebral matrix a program to make it self-evolutionary, and unleashed it to test the series' potential abilities against his enemies. If the Vector could prove itself successful in its mission, he would then unleash an army of other Vectors with the solitary directive to seek out and eliminate every Human in existence, although whether this included Bilstein himself is unknown. However, luckily for the Human race as a whole, the robot failed in its mission.

Notes Edit

  • In Roll's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, she succeeds in reprogramming not only Vector but Huitzil (from Darkstalkers) as well, causing both to become caring and loving individuals who not only help out with Dr. Light, but both also display a newfound affinity for human children.
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